Valentine’s Day Present Ideas

Valentines Day means Valentines Day presents, and it’s not just the thought that counts. Give something that’s taken as unromantic, and your lady friend may be upset, and it’s worse for men as they are so hard to buy anything for! Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day presents sure to please.

Let’s start with the classic – flowers. Whether you are considering long stems roses or something more imaginative, flowers are great gifts. Women love them, and men, should they get them, are usually bowled away as they probably never have received them before. I was so amazed when a woman bought me flowers, I eventually ended up marrying her. OK, it wasn’t just the flowers!

Flowers can be bought in person at grocery stores, florists, and other places, and also bought online and delivered. If your honey or wannabe honey is far away this is a great option. Some places will even deliver overseas.

Food is also high up on the list. My favorites are chocolates and fruits. There are a lot of premium and delicious chocolates available. Or a healthier yet equally impressive gift is fruit. A fruit of the month club, where a different fruit is delivered once a month, will certainly get attention over and over and not be forgotten! This is one of my favorite gifts to give when I want to make a lasting impression.

Travel is also a great gift. What could be more romantic than spending time together? Whether it’s a surprise weekend off alone somewhere fun or perhaps something that requires more planning like a cruise or a trip overseas, travel is a great gift.

These gifts all work for men too, but for some men a more practical gift may be better. Something as unromantic to you as a bowling ball or power washer or whatever else they may desire. Ask, and you maybe surprised yet make them very happy on Valentines Day.

Gift certificates or cards also work well, especially if to a favorite restaurant or store. If to a restaurant you had better be invited!

Intimate wear and toys can also be wonderful gifts for the right person. You want to make sure to surprise and not over shock here! Women can buy themselves intimate wear and present themselves dressed in the present as well.

There are lots of options for Valentine’s Day gifts. Women tend to be easier to buy for than men, as flowers and chocolates are always popular.