The Power of Body Language For Your MLM Presentation

During your Multi-level marketing (MLM) or Network marketing presentation, your prospect will look at you and observe your speech as well as your actions and body language. The body language tells much about a person, and it communicates a lot about you to your prospect.

Your body language can tell a lot about you, some of the things that can affect your body language are;

- Nervousness
- You feel uncomfortable talking to executives
- You are not feeling well
- You are not confident on how to best start the conversation.
- You are desperate for the sale.

Know what will affect your body language enables you to identify and change your body language to conceal those feelings.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind to improve your body language in front of your prospect to give them better vibes about yourself.

- Arm crossing

People normally perceive arm crossing as a action of defensiveness. When you are in a presentation, avoid crossing your arms especially when your prospect is saying something negative.

- Fidgeting

This action is very bad in a presentation. When you fidget in front of your prospect, you give them the feeling that you are impatient or nervous. And it is distracting for some people. This action may be a habit, but it will not help you in your presentation, and it may distract your client and reduce your professionalism, so if possible, refrain from fidgeting in front of your clients.

- Yawning

People yawn when they are feeling tired or drowsy, or even bored. Never yawn when your client is talking. This is a form of disrespect. To prevent yourself from yawning, drink water before your presentation. You can also try to schedule your appointment at the times that you know you will be more alert.

- Stand

Try to remain standing while you are waiting for your client, this helps to boost your energy level for the presentation. And standing up also eliminates the awkwardness you may experience when you have to get up from a chair when your client appears.

Knowing these points will make you more conscious about the language your body says, you can exhibit some of these actions sub-consciously, but make an effort to take note of them, with time, you will be able to change these habits permanently.