Presenting on the Fly – Discover a New World When You’re Not Afraid to Present

New team? New interns? Too many tasks than you can do in a day’s work? If so, stop and listen to this message: Overcome Fear of Public Speaking.

More and more of my clients tell me that they feel anxiety of public speaking – specifically ad hoc presentations. It makes sense.

When you have to do more with less, you have to be ready for anything. Unexpected meetings. Public speaking to clients and prospects. All when you least expect it. You must respond to urgent demands and critical opportunities – at a moment’s notice.

In this turbulent economy, the message is clear: get ready for anything. Conquer anxiety fear of public speaking. You must know how to confidently present to employees, customers and prospects.

Recently a client called our office asking for help. Her on-the-fly presentation needs ran the gamut including:

* How to train summer interns at a moment’s notice
* How to present to clients without any research support
* How to run virtual meetings to generate more leads
* How to answer tough questions about new procedures

You know the drill.

Her job title doesn’t include public speaking. But her real-life at work certainly does.

The only question is: do you have the right public speaking skills? Is your organization giving you the training you need?

This is just a hunch. But I bet your answer is: “No!”

At the same time organizations are demanding lean and mean, they are also cutting back on training and professional development. It’s basically foolish. But it’s happening all over the globe.

So, if you want to learn how to be fearless in ad hoc presentations, you need to take charge. It’s up to you to master the skills.

Use these 4-tips to overcome the fear of public speaking. These simple tips will help you reduce nervousness and get ready for anything.

1. Define Your Single Purpose
Define the purpose of each presentation. Even if you have to sketch this out on the back of an envelope or on a greasy napkin, over lunch. Get your ideas clear and concise.

A clear sense of purpose is absolutely essential if you want to give spontaneous presentations that look polished and professional.

2. Solve A Big Problem
What’s the big issue or problem your audience is facing? Think about each audience before you give your presentation.

Speak directly to the people who are in the room. Solving an important problem is the fastest way to adapt your story to every audience.

3. Share Personal Stories
When you share personal stories in an impromptu presentation, you achieve several goals at once.

First, you show up as a warm, friendly and open human being. Whether you are in leadership, research or sales, this is essential. This single trait helps your audience open up to your message.

Second, you have ultimate flexibility. You can pick and choose from different stories to match the situation. This is the easiest way to customize your message on the spot.

Third, you won’t be like any other presenter. You’re telling real stories from your own experience. No one else can possibly tell the same story.

4. Involve Your Audience
Engage participants with questions and spontaneous answers. Do this early and often and you’ll achieve a lively event everyone will remember.

If your work life is hectic and the demands are great, use these 4 tips and boost your skills. The more comfortable you are with presenting on the fly – the more you will succeed in your career