The Power of Body Language For Your MLM Presentation

During your Multi-level marketing (MLM) or Network marketing presentation, your prospect will look at you and observe your speech as well as your actions and body language. The body language tells much about a person, and it communicates a lot about you to your prospect.

Your body language can tell a lot about you, some of the things that can affect your body language are;

- Nervousness
- You feel uncomfortable talking to executives
- You are not feeling well
- You are not confident on how to best start the conversation.
- You are desperate for the sale.

Know what will affect your body language enables you to identify and change your body language to conceal those feelings.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind to improve your body language in front of your prospect to give them better vibes about yourself.

- Arm crossing

People normally perceive arm crossing as a action of defensiveness. When you are in a presentation, avoid crossing your arms especially when your prospect is saying something negative.

- Fidgeting

This action is very bad in a presentation. When you fidget in front of your prospect, you give them the feeling that you are impatient or nervous. And it is distracting for some people. This action may be a habit, but it will not help you in your presentation, and it may distract your client and reduce your professionalism, so if possible, refrain from fidgeting in front of your clients.

- Yawning

People yawn when they are feeling tired or drowsy, or even bored. Never yawn when your client is talking. This is a form of disrespect. To prevent yourself from yawning, drink water before your presentation. You can also try to schedule your appointment at the times that you know you will be more alert.

- Stand

Try to remain standing while you are waiting for your client, this helps to boost your energy level for the presentation. And standing up also eliminates the awkwardness you may experience when you have to get up from a chair when your client appears.

Knowing these points will make you more conscious about the language your body says, you can exhibit some of these actions sub-consciously, but make an effort to take note of them, with time, you will be able to change these habits permanently.

Salary Negotiation – Master the Skills

Even if you aren’t a pro at negotiating salary, you too can become one with practice and preparation. Anyone can master the skills of salary negotiation if they try. Besides if you want to get that dream job with a high paying salary, the only way to go about it is with negotiating. You can’t expect employers to simply give you what you want because they would prefer to spend as little as possible. This is why you actually have to negotiate and ask for what you want to receive.

First skill to salary negotiation is that you need to negotiate. Don’t just accept any offer given to you, you have to think about the work you will be doing and know your worth. The fact that you negotiate for your salary is already putting you above other applicants because most employers are willing to negotiate salary and benefits. When you negotiate, at least the employer knows that you are a go-getter and are determined to get what you want.

Second to negotiating salary is that you should only talk about money towards the end. Discuss other terms first such as work hours and when they want you to begin work. Don’t commit to anything right away, simply say that it is possible and can be discussed further as saying yes to everything isn’t going to benefit you at all. Once everything is in order and in the way that you are satisfied with, then you can discuss the salary portion of your negotiation.

Make sure that whatever offer is given to you is in writing, so this way you have proof of their offer which you can work around. Just because the offer is written down, it doesn’t mean it is final. The offer only becomes final once both parties have agreed to it so if you have anything you want to take up, be sure to do so.

When negotiating, always ask for more because the more salary you start with, the more you will keep getting. Certainly when you get paid less, your increases won’t be so high especially based on percentage. If you want to be successful at work and get paid a good rate then start with getting the most that you can so that your pay will continue to increase more with promotions and salary increases. You definitely don’t want to get left behind so always play your cards right.

Before entering salary negotiation, master these skills and you won’t encounter any problems. The key is to be confident and know your capacity and what you want as this will lead you to success.

HVAC industry: surviving your slow season in 2022

HVAC is a seasonal business, so while you may not be able to keep up with the demand for your services in summer and winter, there will always be a quiet period. But even when business is slow, you can find ways to increase revenue and use the time productively to plan for your next busy season.

Start preparing for your busy season

With extra time on your hands, use your slow season to prepare for your peak season. Hire and train new staff during this period, so they’re ready to take on jobs later in the year. With a team of knowledgeable technicians, you can start the next season successfully. It’s also a chance to upskill your current employees and send them on training courses. Take the opportunity to create special offers and early bird deals for services popular during summer and winter. You could also focus on asset maintenance, a time-consuming and challenging task to complete when your team is in the field. Schedule maintenance jobs during your slow season to prepare your equipment for the rest of the year.

Review your marketing strategy

If you don’t always have time to focus on marketing, use your slow season to review your marketing strategy and create a plan to achieve your goals for the year. Decide how you’re going to use email marketing, social media, and your website to reach your audience and generate leads. Use social media to promote preventative maintenance to encourage clients to book service or maintenance checks, share blogs on your website with helpful information for customers, and use email marketing to boost brand awareness. As soon as summer or winter approaches, customers will know who to call when they need an HVAC expert.

Promote preventative maintenance

Create service and maintenance plans for customers to boost revenue during your slow season. As services are beneficial for customers, it will be easy to persuade them to purchase these plans. Start promoting service and maintenance plans just before the end of summer or winter to remind customers how important maintenance is during autumn and spring. You could also offer discounts or free services for people who buy your plans. Promote the benefits of preventative maintenance leading up to your slow season to encourage clients to book service and maintenance jobs in-between summer and winter.

Use HVAC Software to manage your recurring maintenance jobs

Maintenance will be your priority during your slow season, so use HVAC Software to create and schedule recurring maintenance jobs to avoid creating them manually. With HVAC Software, you can set jobs to recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and the job will automatically be added to the system. The software will also be a valuable tool during your busy season. You can schedule appointments, manage your team’s diaries online, generate quotes and invoices from the system, and track your assets to ensure all equipment is either in the field or in storage, ready for the next job.